July 2009

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Indian Modernity : The Aesthetic Dimension : P.P. Raveendran

Changing perspective of Nationalism in British Official Documents: P.J.Kochutresiama

Gendered violence, Nationalism and the hegemonic projects of modern nation states: A reading of Kamlaben Patel’s partition memoir torn from the roots : Gireesh J.

Between the Colonial and the National Modern: Gender Dynamics in Early cinema in Keralam : Meena T.Pillai

Urban/Rural Divide : Gender Politics in Middle Cinema in Hindi : Arya Aiyappan

Transgendering Celebrations: The Politics of Sexuality in Koovagam and Kottankulangara Chamayavilakku : Sonya J. Nair

Mookkuthi, Kalla and Mala: Women’s Adornments and the politics of Social Aspiration : Bini B.S.

The Subaltern and Public Spaces : B.Hariharan

Invitational Rhetoric : Alternative rhetorical strategy as ecofeminist practice for transformation of perception and use of energy in the residential built environment from the Keweenaw to Kerala : Merle Kindred

Walled City? The closing gateways of Mumbai : Anupama Varma