Samyukta : A Journal for Gender & Culture


Samyukta, founded by G. S. Jayasree [Head of the Institute of English, University of Kerala] in 2001, is a not-for-profit organization of academics and professionals who are committed to instilling the spirit of self-awareness in women by opening up the narrative on gender and culture issues and turning an academic spotlight on a broad range of gender and culture centric themes. Our organization seeks to explore culture-specific relationships between women and their social environment. We are receptive to positive ideas, opinions, suggestions and constructive criticism from all quarters. Samyukta is active in research, publication and dissemination relating to gender and culture issues. The research activities are under the aegis of Samyukta Research Foundation while publication and dissemination are carried out through Samyukta: A Journal of Gender & Culture. The Journal and the Foundation are allied and ‘interlocking’ initiatives to utilise all available forums to advance the objectives of the Samyukta.