Guidelines for Contributors

Samyukta welcomes submissions of research articles/creative writing /translations / reviews from writers and scholars, for publication in the journal.

Documents for publication may be sent by two methods
1. By e-mail: Documents should be in standard PDF, preferably, though MS word format is also acceptable.
2. By post: Editor, Samyukta, Post Box No. 1162, Pattom Palace P.O., Thiruvananthapuram-695 004. Three double spaced copies, typed on one side of the paper should be sent.

Manuscript format
a) A short résumé of the contributor (100-200 words)
b) An abstract of the article (not more than 120 words)
c) Title page with author affiliation and complete mailing address
d) Body of the article (5000-8000 words)
e) List of references


Language: Articles should be written in clear and jargon-free language. Care must be taken to avoid un-gendered language.

Spelling: British spelling to be adhered to consistently. Abbreviations, acronyms, technical or specialised terms should be expanded/defined when used for the first time.

Italics: Avoid the frequent use of italics. Words in languages other than English are to be italicized at the first occurrence and their translations given in brackets. In creative writing, however, words in regional languages need not be italicised, but in articles they should be.

Headings and sub-headings: Please make your article as reader-friendly as possible. Short headings and sub-headings as well as illustrations with examples, diagrams, charts, tables etc., may be used as and when necessary.

References: Reference material must be incorporated into the text wherever possible. In-text citations are to be done in the following manner: surname of author and page numbers in parentheses. e.g. (Kurup, 67-8). A complete alphabetical list of works cited, with bibliographical details, is to be provided at the end of the paper.

(a) Books: Surname, initials/first name. title of the book. place of publication: publisher, year of publication. medium consulted.
e.g. Beevi, Zuhra. Gender Politics in Kerala. Thiruvanathapuram: Women’s Initiatives, 1989. Print.

(b) Articles in journals: Surname, initials/first name. “title of the article”, name of the journal, volume number. issue number, (year of publication): inclusive page numbers. medium of publication.
e.g. Nair, Geetha. “Education in Travancore”, Samyukta, II. 1, (2002): 23-26. Print.

Unpublished reports and conference papers are also to be documented giving full details.

Notes: Endnotes may be used for substantive comments. These should be indicated by superscript figures in the text.

Quotations: Single quotes must be used throughout the article. Double quotes are to be used only within quotations. Quotations of more than forty-five words should be separated from the text with a line space above and below.

Table: Tables, charts, figures or illustrations should be placed in separate pages at the end of the manuscript. Label all the graphics clearly, using Arabic numerals. e.g. Rowse — table I. Graphics should be in the PDF format.

Reviews/translations: Note that we may not be able to accept unsolicited reviews and translations. If you are interested in reviewing or translating for Samyukta, please contact the editor.
Regarding translations, the translators must obtain permission from the copyright holders.

Copyright: Author retains the copyright of individual pieces, but the journal is licensed to reprint.

Samyukta: Submission

All submitted manuscripts are independently refereed by readers recommended by the Editors. Anonymity is assured. Decisions to publish or not, to request revisions, if necessary re-submission, and/or extra adjudication, are entirely at the discretion of the Editors. Formal acknowledgement may take up to one month, full consideration may take up to six months.

a) Contributions are considered for publication only on the understanding that they are not simultaneously under consideration elsewhere, that they are the original work of author(s).
b) The views expressed in the articles will be that of the individual authors and may not necessarily represent that of the publishers.
c) We do not offer payment, but six off-prints of each contributed piece will be sent to the contributor.
d) The Editorial Board and the publishers accept no responsibility for any lapses or infringements.

SamyuktaSubmission Policy

The focus of each issue of Samyukta will be announced a year in advance. Papers will be accepted for publication on the basis of the recommendations of the panel of referees. Articles should be submitted within three months from the date of announcement.

Critical Writing
The journal welcomes research/general articles on topics of contemporary interest. Articles are selected on the basis of topical relevance, scholarly merit and implications for feminist activists and scholars in Gender Studies. Articles will be finalised six months before the date of publication.

Creative Writing
Samyukta solicits creative work not presently under consideration for publication elsewhere. We are particularly keen on promoting new and upcoming writers. Creative writing will be reviewed twice a year, in January and July. The deadlines for these submissions are June 1 and December 1.

Book Reviews
Samyukta takes a serious interest in book-reviews. The reviewer is expected to honestly evaluate the books, highlighting the merits/demerits of the book. In no way should the review be used as a forum for personal attack. There is no deadline for sending in book-reviews.