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Abortions-Rights to correct the Wrongs? : JAYASREE .A.K

Women’s health care: a picture of discrimination : B. Ekbal

Farida karodia’s other secrets : Rajendra Chetty

In a double bind:Indian women poets writing in English : Sanjukta Dasgupta

Reservation and Social Mobility : Theoritical Construct : J. Prabhash

Living arrangements of the old in context of modernization – A study of the elderly women in Kerala : Jacob John Kattakayam

Toward’s understanding women’s health : Critical overview of women’s studies : Lakshmi Lingam

Reproductive and Child health issues in Kerala : Mala Ramanathan

Analysis of mental health in terms of adjustment of adolescents in Kerala : Mridula Nair B

Gendering Health : A brief history of women’s involvement in health issues : Jayasree Ramakrishnan Nair & Hema Nair

Self-Knowledge brings not knowledge but despair? The poetry of Prabha Ganorker : Shalmalee Palekar

Towards a health agenda for women in sex work : Vijaya V

Epidemology of HIV/AIDS – Women’s Perspectives : Suja V

Diversity in otherness : Identity formations in intercultural encounters : Eleanore Wildburger


Jean Arasanayagam


The Unknown errors of our lives : Chitra Banerji Divakaruni

God as political philosopher:Buddha’s challenge to Brahminism : Kancha Ilaiah

Reeds in the wind : Neerada Suresh


Profile of a feminist : Defying definition: A portrait of Germaine Greer : Esther Jayanthi Raj

From the pages of the history : Editor

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar: The Champion of Women’S Rights : K.B.Usha



There is Quiet here now : Gracy

Tales of the Vetaal : B. Chandrika

Remani : K. Saraswathi Amma

Your young daughter : Mumta Kalia


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Hiranyan – A Dialogue



His Love : Kalpana Rentala

Secret Rain : Kalpana Rentala

Anarkali : Keya Majumdar

On a night under the american sky : Mamatha Kodidela

Urmila, I remember you still : Nalina Kumari

Slanting showers : Rose Mary

Time and Space : S. Jaya

The appointed hour : Shalmalee Palekar