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Possibilities in
Ecofeminist politics for contemporary Kerala : A note for discussion : J Devika

Violence against women : Alexander Jacob

Writing/Righting the female malady : Jancy James

Cooking up equality : Pongala at Attukal temple : Dianne E. Jenett

Violence against women: Health and health issues-A review of selected Indian works : Amar Jesani

Domestic violence “The enemy withing” A psychological perspective : Geetha Joshi

A pioneer in medicine Dr. Mary Poonan Lukose (1886-1976) : Rajasekharan Nair

Where are women…? Women in development processes : Theory and practices in IndiaMira Kapil Desai

Globalization in the health sector : K. P. Aravindan

Mental health of women in Kerala : The need for a gender perspective : Mridul Eapen

Bhakti as movement of liberation M.S.Hema

Women and mental health : N. Subha

Women : The preservers of traaditional medicine : P G Latha and S. Rajasekharan

The language of social revolution in Moothirindode’s “Appante Makal” : Usha Nambudiripad

Women and health : An Indian scenario : Vibhuti Patel

Contesting healing power and knowledge : Health care in Kerala’s Plural Medical System : Vineetha Menon


C K Janu
K Padmavathy


Accidents Like Love & Marriage : Jaishree Misra

Deimpoliticizing development : The World Bank and Social Capital : John Harris

Dilemma: An Anthology of Poems : Sanjukta Dasgupta

Educational Policies in India: Analysis and Review of Promise and Performance : Sudha Rao, NIEPA

The Theory of Adaptation : Sudha Variar


Lanka Lakshmi : C. N. Sreekantan Nair


Kate Millett : The ambivalent feminist – A profile : Suja Kurup

From the pages of the history : Editor

Swami Vivekananda on the women question : K.B.Usha



Madness : B. M. Zuhara

The Price : Lalithambika Antharjanam

His ways : Neerada Suresh

The post modern body : P Surendran

The dregs of the day : Sujata Sankranti

Ways : Volga


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SugathaKumari – Excerpts from an interview : Mary Nirmala



Grind and bear it! : Anuradha Shyam

Movies Lie : Anuradha Shyam

The wayside dream : A woman’s point : Arathy Asok

Dependence : Elzy Tharamangalam

Faith, Self and You : Elzy Tharamangalam

When I said that i loved you : Leela Mayor

On this side of the night : Kondepudi Nirmala

The coiled serpent in the woman-body : Rati Saxena

I have passed through the gates of hell : Soudamini