Vol 4.1

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Theorizing about a theory : Ayyappa paniker

Defiant Deviances: Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things : Beena Gopinath

Ingrafting : A Response to the theory of interiorization : Krishna Rayan

‘The Thing’ Speaks : Sara Joseph

Ecofeminist Concerns Sowmya Dechamma

Higher Education of Women in the Era of Globalization and Privatization: An Enquiry into the Changing Policies of Education : Veena Poonacha


With No Sense Of Loss : Devaki Nilayangode


Rational and Restrained Living History : Memoirs Hillary Rodham Clinton

Chronicling cultural interface: The Namesake : Jhumpa Lahiri

The Warp and Weft of Dalit Lives:The Stepchild : Joseph Macwan

Domestic Drama : Bee Season : Myla Goldberg

In introspection : We Weren’t Lovers Like That : Navtej Sarna

The Story of an Outsider : The Outcaste : Sharankumar Limbale

One Family, Two Houses: The other side of silence: Voices from the partition of India
Urvashi Bhutalia


Lanka Lakshmi : C. N. Sreekantan Nair


Forum for discussion

Profile of a feminist

Pages of history

Review of the Contributions of a Major Thinker



Worldly Wisdom : Bama

Pieta : Catherine Thankamma

Tarantula : C.S.Chandrika

The Dilemma : Divya Mathur

Parangodi Parinayam : Kizhakkeppattu Ramankutty Menon

The Vein of Memory : K.R.Meera

Agni : S.Sithara


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Githa Hiranyan and Sreedevi k. Nair : A dialogue


Song of the Slave : Bini B.S.

Properties of rapture : Kutty Revathy

Pushed Out : Rosary Royar

Prescription for glasses : Shanta Acharya

This time Soorpanaka : Soudamini

The Seventh Daughter ” Sunil Gangopadhyay