Vol 4.2

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Labour force in India: The gender gap : G K Moli

Gulf emigration of women in Kerala : K.C.Zachariah & S.Irudaya Rajan

Polluting Ponkaala Premises: An Ecofeminist Reading of Narabali, Aadavum Daivavum and Naga Mandala

K.Vamanan Nampoothiri

Marketing the Nation Hindu and Outside Hindu : Tribe in the Early Census Reports
K. C. Bindu

Demographic Transition and Women’s Empowerment in Kerala: New Evidence : K. S. James

Gender As Political Construct: The Phoolan Devi Experience : Ladha Barathan

Woman as Body : Roshan Thomas

Gender, Ageing and Social Security : S Irudaya Rajan & Sabu Aliyar

Observations on Mother-Daughter Relationship in Marathi Fiction : Sukhamani Roy


With no sense of loss : Autobiography of an Antharjanam : Devaki Nilayangode


Bride at Ten, Mother at Fifteen : Autobiography of an Unknown Indian Woman Sethu Ramaswamy : Anupama R

Through the Camera Lens and Mind’s Prism and We Write… : Neetha Sasidharan

A Rich Historical Tapestry The Feast of Roses : S. Parvathy

Poetic Crystallizations of Endless Meditation : Dream Script : Saudamini K. Nair

Changing Spectrum of Illusion and Reality Afterwards : Shameem

Shadows of Time : Pavadayum Bikiniyum : Sreelatha S

Vignettes of Life When Stone Melts and Other Stories : Supriya M

Cracking the Code The Da Vinci Code : Vishnu Gopal

Civil Registation System in India


Saketam : C. N. Sreekantan Nair


From the pages of History : Editor

Tagore, Women and Nature : Nisha Venugopal

Female Foeticide : Roshani Swift



Summons : Indira Varma

A Lesbian Cow : Indu Menon

The Crisis of Religion In Modern Times : Kuntala Kumari Sahat

The Bird in the Snow : Manasi

Puttum Kadalayum : Sreebala K. Menon

Corpse Keshavan : Usha Rajagopalan


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Women Writers Meet : Sreedevi K Nair